Edward weds Kanika

Edward, a handsome army man and Kanika a breath of fresh air; both complete opposites but still they manage to compliment each other perfectly. I met them over a cup of coffee where both seemed like a beautiful but a reserved couple. I met them next for their pre wedding shoot and voila they completely opened up. I heard their love story and their differences. You could easily see how different they were with Kanika in her bright reds and Edward in his greys and blues. 

Their wedding was again one of the calm beautiful ceremonies with not too much rush and chaos. Simple and beautiful. Edward coming from an army background, I didn't expect him to be so involed in the photography. He mailed me few references one of them being the silhouette shot. I wasn't sure about it before the wedding not knowing the lighting condition but the stage itself turned out to be an amazing location and gave me one of my favorite couple portraits of all times. 

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