Band Baaja Bride- With SABYASACHI Season 5

Who doesn't want to be on Band Baaja Bride? Brides, make up artists, photographers?? I was honoured to be requested to come on the show's fifth season with the very talented Sabyasachi. The show is a pioneer in itself for making a dream come true wedding for brides but it is also a platform for us photographers to do something creative. My brief was simple. Bollywood but classy. I had to come up with an idea for the backdrops and the props for the final reveal of the make over and a creative couple portrait session.

Bollywood and classy?? Seemed a bit of an odd combo to me but I knew I can't go cheesy once I saw the preview of the dress. It was unlike any other, breaking the tradition; a stunning Black and gold classic SABYA. So to compliment that I ordered for a custom hand painted beige backdrop and for the fun element I hired real shaadi band walas to be in the frame.

On the day of the shoot I finally met my beautiful bride Nausheen and her to be husband Shajid Merchant at Hayatt International. The make over was for their over the top crazy bollywood themed sangeet. After few delays and hiccups it was finally time to roll. I shot some beautiful getting ready shots with Nausheen in her element. Since this time it wasn't just the brides but also the grooms getting a makeover it made for a perfect pair. 

It was old movie classic shoot with a textured old world charm backdrop which Sabyasachi compeletely loved to the point that they decided to come into few frames and pose with the band bajaa and bride, literally.

To watch the episode clink on the link below:

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