Couple Portraits



I love shooting at different locations so when Lawson suggested Madh island beach instead of my usual favourite Vasai beach, I readly agreed. We got couple of pleasant and unpleasant surprises here though. One awesome surpirse being the wrecked ship that we found perfectly placed in the middle of no where. This was my shot, I thought to myself with Lawson and Valina beautiful dressed in bow tie and gown; giving a Titanic pose. We fianlly changed the location and went and started shooting on the beach thats when we got interrupted by the police. Apparently we were violating some unknown laws and being watched from a distance via some hightech telescopes from the other end of the coast, said the police (LOL to that). I tried everything in my power to explain since there is no 'NO PHOTOGRAPHY' board anywhere they can't fine us. Due to lack of time and the falling light I had to give in and pay him some money but honestly it completely pissed me off. But as they say all is well that ends well, we got some awesome shots.

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